Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Passionate Shepherd to His Love and The Nymph’s Reply to the Essay

The concupiscent ward to His Love and The Nymphs Reply to the Shepherd A comparison The Passionate Shepherd to His Love was written by ChristopherMarlowe. The rime describes a shepherds plea to someone he heatsurging them to live with him.Marlowe uses imagery to describe the scenery around the shepherd andhis love. The shepherd tries to convince her how happy they will be,surrounded by weed yields and groves in stanza one.Marlowe does not only use imagery in his meter but he also describesthe aromaAnd a thousand sweet-smelling posies.He creates a tranquil atmosphere by describing the harmonious practiced inthe spot and triplet stanzas.Melodious birds sing madrigals.In the third stanza the shepherd tells his love that he will give heranything she wants if she lives with him. The shepherd label beautifulclothes in an attempt to persuade her,Fair line slippers for the cold,With buckles of the purest gold.In the fourth stanza the shepherd believes that he has succeeded incon vincing his love to live with him. He describes what he believes tobe a vision of their future, force wool from pretty lambs togetherconveying a sense of unity.The ancestry of stanza five is realistic as the shepherd offers togive his love a belt of straw and ivy buds. However towards the endof the stanza he says that he will give her coral clasps and amberstuds which is completely unrealistic as he is a shepherd who wouldnot be able to yield such gifts. In the shepherds desperation, heresorts to materialism as he believes this is the only way his lovewill be returned.The second poem The Nymphs Reply to the Shepherd written by SirWalter Ralegh is the rejoinder t... ...s beautiful scenery and clothes as a method ofpersuasion, whilst The Nymphs Reply to the Shepherd tries toexpress a sense of realism to the shepherd informing him that thingsdo change manage spring to autumn and youth to old age.In my opinion The Passionate Shepherd to His Love does deserve areply. After reading t he poem the reader assumes that his love willgo and live with him as he offers her everything she may want. It isquite unpredictable that she would refuse this offer and so the replygives the story a conclusion. Even though the reader witnesss empathy forthe shepherd as he is prepared to do anything for the nymph, weappreciate the nymphs destine of view that nothing will stay the sameforever.Although the poems are some(prenominal) structurally similar, they expresscontrasting sentiments, a contrast which I feel makes these poems asuccess.

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