Saturday, March 23, 2019

Big Brother in 1984 and The Children’s Story Essay -- George Orwell

Fear, an emotion that takes controller over you, forces you to act in a certain way and refrain from taking certain risks. Fear takes over us day subsequently day. We fear dying, losing, and failing. In the world of 1984, fear not only controls passel individually, but human kind as a whole. Leaders of the hit the hayledgeable party, and the ultimate leader Big associate controlled the mountain of Oceania by their fears. with revolt, love, technology, and control over history Party members became restricted in both aspect of human nature. In 1984, free public opinion is revolt. Physical actions of riot never occurred in the world created by George Orwell. Due to the lack of immunity of thought by Big Brother people turned to thought in order to escape the brutal world. Any thinking remote of the designed thought of the Party was a thought crime (13). impression about uprising, or any thought of hatred directed towards the Party was a crime. All thought was an act of re bellion. Winston commits many thought crimes throughout the book, and in the shutting, the Thought Police arrest him. Not only did he rebel in thought, but attempted to make a corporeal revolt by joining the brotherhood (171). Physical relationships and love alike rebel against the party. They dislike any human relationships that are not for the value of the Party, like Winston and Julias relationship. Attempting to hide their relationship, the two must sneak almost telescreens to continue their connection. Winston protested in his own way against the Party, but in the end he failed by falling in love with Big Brother (298). Love still exists in the novel 1984 because everyone loves Big Brother, or get out love him. Winston and Julia loved each other, though arguably their loved relate more ... ... show the easy manipulation of children. The main message of the Childrens Story tells us that the unawareness of children and adults makes it easy to control and influence thought s and beliefs. In 1984, Winston tells us that the people incapable of understanding the Partys view, bear witness to be the ones most successfully taught it (156). These people could never fully cargo hold the flagrant violations of reality and never understood what the Party demanded of them (156). The messages of both 1984 and The Childrens Story send a strong message to our government, keep people informed. Children need to be aware who they are pledging their allegiance too, and why they solicit to God, and who God even is. Adults need to be aware of governmental issues, oddly with politics. People need to be mindful of what each politician stands for and know what their beliefs are.

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