Monday, March 4, 2019

PH lab report

Background information/Research PH newsprint (litmus paper) determines how acidic or how basic a substance is. The ape convinces falsify accordingly to color code on the pH get over. The pH scale starts from O to 14. The lower the flake the more acidic it is. Zero is the near acidic, and 14 is the most bas c while 7 is the neutral number for example water. Examples of an acid Is lemon Juice or multi p sleep cleaner. Examples of a basic substance Is shampoo or liquid soap. We consumption pH for the products we office and food that we eat to check if it is safe to use for us humans and not harm us.With PH. Products suck in become safer and slight harmful to our environment and ourselves. Materials Various indications BRB blue Phew red Met red methyl radical blue Met orange Methyl yellow Various unknowns Watch trays Procedures 1. lock 6 indicators that are all different colors. 2. Take the 4 unknowns numbered 14 3. Take a experience tray and wash it mastered before usin g it. 4. Put the indicator that Is numbered 1 in 6 slots on the make tray. (Only put in one d rope) 5. Take each exponent and put It in 1 slot each, each slot should have a different Indict taro color. (Again only one drop) .Record results and observations down on a table. Observe If It change overd color, If It c hanged from 7. Wash down the watch tray again so you do not mix chemicals, or else your selective information will be inaccurate. 8. Repeat steps 47 for the last 3 unknowns. Results After the LAB I had various different results for each indicator reaction to the unknown All together I had 24 results, 6 results for each unknown. A couple of the indicators re acted to the unknown differently than the others. They started to change one color, then a bit late r it would change to a different color.

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