Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Complex Character of Amanda in The Glass Menagerie Essay example --

The Complex Character of Amanda in The Glass Menagerie Amanda Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie furnishes an excellent example of a carefully crafted, tortuous character whose speech and action arise from the psychological be created by the playwright. In his character description, Tennessee Williams starts his reader on the road to discovering Amandas complexity. AMANDA WINGFIELD the mother. A atomic woman of great but confused vitality clinging frantically to a nonher(prenominal) time and place. Her characterization must be carefully created, not copied from type. She is not paranoiac, but her life is paranoia. There is much to admire in Amanda, and as much to love and pity as there is to laugh at. for certain she has endurance and a kind of heroism, and though her foolishness makes her unwittingly savage at times, there is tenderness in her slight person. (Williams 781) Before the jump lines are spoken Amandas complexity is established(Falk 126) by the nuances and contrast s given here. This staple fibre description must be laid over all converse and action throughout the play so as to preserve the fullness of Amandas character at times when only portions of her nature are being exhibited. The complexity of Amandas character directly affects her action and dialogue with her children. In her subroutine as mother she exhibits an overwhelming desire to see her children succeed in life. In trying to... ...ding Plays. Boston Allyn, 1990. 307-314. Bigsby, C.W.E. A Critical Introduction to Twentieth-Century American Drama. Vol. 2. Cambridge Cambridge UP, 1984. Falk, Signi. The Southern Gentlewoman. Modern Critical Interpretations Tennessee Williams The Glass Menagerie. ed. Harold Bloom. NY Chelsea House Publishers, 1988. Jackson, Esther Merle. The Broken creative activity of Tennessee Williams. Madison & of Wisconsin P, 1965. Parker, R.B., ed. Twentieth Century Interpretations of The Glass Menagerie. Englewood Cliffs Prentice, 1983. Williams, Tenness ee. The Glass Menagerie. Masterpieces of the Drama. Ed. Alexander W. Allison, Arthus J. Carr, Arthur M. Eastman. fifth ed. NY Macmillan, 1986. 779- 814.

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