Monday, March 4, 2019

Community: Police and Good Schools Essay

If you were to close your eyes and think ab come out your prototype place to live, what would come to mind? For some of us, it would be a condo on a beach where it was warm all year long. For other(a)s, it would be living in the mountains or on several acres out in the country near a small town, but what things would you train to tonus secure and happy?It has become necessary to bring out an lofty community since sight first started to settle down. There were several issues that people put importance on to achieve much(prenominal) a community, such as good schools, police protection, visual aspect of neighborhood and public transportation. I think that police protection and good schools are the main factors to seduce an exemplar community.First, police protection is a major part in a community they provide security and welfare to people. As the put of crimes is increasing day by day, people are becoming to feel more insecure and less safe. When on that point is more cr ime, then more people have the fear of being harmed and that creates a large consequence of withdrawn individuals.Therefore, this situation affects the well being of the community in the controvert way. As it is claimed that the appearance of neighborhood is essential to create and ideal community, I believe that the security of people is essential for the appearance of neighborhood. Security and appearance are connected because having good security allows the people feel kindred things endure be good, which makes the people of the neighborhood want to make things vista as beautiful as they can make it. Security can dish out create the ideal community because it brings the warm feeling of safeness.Second, if there are good schools, the less ignorance will exist in a community. In my opinion ignorance is one of the major barriers in front of the reading of individuals. Good schools create well informed and sophisticated individuals and by the help of people like that a commun ityhas a better find oneself to provide solutions to its main issues such as technologic and economic development. Therefore, good schools should be provided in order to avoid problems in a community and to create individuals who will take part to create an ideal community.In conclusion, there is more need for people to create an ideal community, I believe that good schools and police protection are the main needs should be provided. When there is more secure and knowledgeable people in a community, then there is more chance for that community to solve other problems and take a step in order to become an ideal community.

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