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The Irish Essay -- essays research papers fc

Ireland has a majuscule history of war, famine, despair, and hardship. Throughout the years the Irish have scrape from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs. In this paper I will give a history of the Irish people before coming to America, what it was coming here, how they were welcomed to their invigorated home, and how they are faring now. I will also expose some of the stereotypes that the Irish have pinned to them and the reason that they are there.In the early 1800s, the Irish had great success in the potato industry due to the high prices for farming(a) products because of the war with England. Soon though, prices began to fall and so did productivity. For that reason, the owners of the farm land off there plots into grazing areas. There was an addition problem though, what would happen to the hundreds of early(a) farmers that worked the land? One popular solution for most landlords, as they were called, was to turn out all the tenants, whether they were paid up fo r rent or not. Then they would abrogate their homes so that they could not return.(No author 1).The now homeless people turn to secret organizations to retaliate against the people that they once depended on to live their lives. close to names of these groups were Rightboys, Thrashers, Ribbonmen, and Whitefoots.(No author 1). When these vigilantes were caught, their punishments were severe. Something as simple as stealing a piece of bread could land you a multiple year condemnation in prison. To add insult to injury, the prisons that these people were sent to was in Australia, m whatever miles away from there homes. It was thought that things for the Irish could not get any worse, but in 1845 that is just what happened. The potato was a very important part of the Irish way of life. It is one of the few foods that a mortal can survive solely on. Many homes lived exclusively on the potato, they could  ... ...e in their new country. Now all we have to do as a society is drop all the foolish stereotypes that most of us be quiet have and let the Irish be the Irish, Whites be the Whites, the Blacks be the Blacks and so on. Who cares where people come from or what has happened in the past? We are in the here and now, no need to look back on things through with(p) long ago. Put the past behind and the future in antecedent and I think that America would be better off. Works Cited Connery, Donald. The Irish Simon and Schuster. New York, NY. 1968Kennedy, Robert. The Irish University of California Press. Berkley and Los Angeles California. 1973Larson, Audrey. History of Ireland www.humboldt1.com2-27-2004McCarthy, Joe. The World Library Ireland prison term Incorporated. New York, NY. 1964O Grada, Cormac. Black 47 and BeyondPrinceton University Press. Princeton, New Jersey. 1999No Author. Http//

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