Sunday, March 17, 2019

Hitchcock’s Use of Technical Signatures in his Film Vertigo Essay

Hitchcocks Use of technological Signatures in his Film Vertigo The films of Alfred Hitchcock provide some of the best prove in favor of the auteur theory. Hitchcock uses many techniques that act as signatures on his films, enabling the viewer to possess an understanding of any Hitchcock film before honoring it. His most famous signature is his cameo appearance in each of his films, merely Hitchcock in any case uses more technical signatures like doubling, visual contrast, and strategically laid music to create suspense. Hitchcocks use of doubles is apparent throughout most of his films. In Vertigo, the image of Madeline and Scottys passionate embrace is perennial several times during the film. In Scottys life, Hitchcock also places many instances of doubles, such(prenominal) as the twain women he loves, Madelines dual roles as two different women throughout the plot, and the two identical deaths of the women he witnesses. Doubling is also apparent between Madeline and the fi ctional Carlotta, especially in the scene in the art museum, where the flowers, the hairstyle, and the position of Madelin...

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