Wednesday, March 13, 2019

My Diary Essay

My life is a sea of unending hardship. Struggling to establish my heavy eyes, I began my busy day. After finishing my routine personal line of credit drowsily before the first lark awaked, I had to clean the distinguished villa inside and out, finish washing piles of dirty clothes and uprise breakfast for the whole family. One after another, they got up and went downstairs, wearing trite expressions on their typesetters cases, as if they had d mavin househ out of date chores for a whole shadow instead of sleeping comfortably in the soft and warm bed.I smiled a smooth smile towards all of them, although I wanted to pullulate at them in the deep bottom of my heart. All of them ill-treat me, including my sustain, who is my upright mother, but my master now. Since she divorced with my father, my carefree childhood has become a piece of bittersweet history covered with dust. This grand villa is like a crystal palace to others, however, it is the hell full of misery to me. God tinkers dam You fool must have shirked on the cleaning Peter, the son of my mother and her present husband, found a dead fly lying in a tiny corner of the washroom and jumped with anger.Before my explanation and realization, he gave me a slap on the cheek. In the mist of my eyes, I caught a disregard smile on my mother. On the way to market, I came across my father. Spontaneously, I was surrounded by the sea of warmth and kindness, I burst into weeping and poured out the bitterness of my life. Please Please let me leave that palace of misery, Dad I would like to be with you no matter how unequal you are My beloved dad stroked my hair without saying anything.I could get his slight tremble and waves of love, which I had almost forgotten as meter passed by. Suddenly, he said to me earnestly You have been a lady of 20, old enough to take your own responsibilities. Life belongs to you, and no one chiffonier offer you a real help except yourself I woke up, that to find the whole room was still buried in endless darkness and it was just a dream I struggled to sit on and took a deep breath. My terrible life in the incubus showed endlessly in my mind, together with my fathers words.With trembling hands I wiped the stream of sweats and tears on my face. Luckily enough, I rattling a life of ease in reality. Under considerate cares of my parents, I am enjoying a more comfortable life than my peers, without worrying intimately almost anything. My parents and I have been living harmoniously and peacefully since my warehousing started. However, as time passes by, I am used to taking their loves and cares as granted. Only at that moment did I realize how happy I am. By comparing my dream with the reality, I found myself as cheerful as a little princess.Moreover, I would like to thank the nightmare for giving me some experience and understanding on tragedy. No one wants to be involved in a tragedy, but when it falls into our lives unexpectedly, we should submit our best to challenge and conquer it. I wish tragedy go out be a permanent stranger to me, but I am fully aware that it is impossible. Everyones life is bridge from the cradle to the chafe and it is full of barriers and thorns. But no matter what happens, I will nourish in mind what father said in my dream and face challenges with pride and courage.

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