Saturday, April 20, 2019

What did i learned from this class Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

What did i learned from this class - Essay ExampleIt is of import to note that different flock have different forms and styles of attractorship which are based on unique aspects. These help them to address the neighboring(a) or contemporary society and to ensure that the organization they are in is able to achieve its sterilize objectives.Dealing with the junior staff or the employees in an organization is never an easy task if the leader who is bestowed with the responsibility of overlooking their activities is not competent. Many leaders result to intimidation as a musical mode of passing their ideologies to the juniors. On the other hand great leaders engage the people they are administrating and need to learn their characters. Having done that it is increasingly easy to know the best way to approach different situations without create more than anticipation or havoc in the organization. Another thing that many leaders lead in handling is change. When one is transferred to a new environment and give a lead position, it is important to survey the environment and know how they live before imposing new rules that may face much unimportant resistance that could have been avoided in the first place. This work pull up stakes therefore look at the aspects of leadership learnt in this course and how one can develop his leadership skills to become a straightforward leader in the future.In this course I have learnt the following leadership traits that a pricey leader should have. Some leadership are born with some traits while other develop them in the course of their lives. The best thing is to be ready to learn and be corrected whether in advocate or not. A leader should be aware of the environment he is working in. When one assumes the leadership position in a given organization, the first thing is to understand his roles. There his roles to the management and his roles to the employees who will be looking up to him. The responsibility and task of en suring that things run well in the

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