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Media Diary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Media Diary - Essay ExampleThe trends accumulate and dust to individuals who then show different groups the same trend. This leads to a sense of popularity with a given association and the family relationship that it holds to a main organization, allowing the central area to continue to grow because of the associations that have been used for networking and development. b. The concept of networking and development with trends and ideals is one which is specific to professional associations that are working for civic engagement in American democracy. diametric associations leave have a specific agenda related to political leaders, rights, bills and other changes readed in nightspot. The associations are adequate-bodied to take a specific issue and advertise this to society. As this is done, individuals are able to decide for or against the leader, policy or other issue from the association. This allows the antiauthoritarian decisions and trends to take shape and to vex speci fic issues into the center of politics. More important, different types of associations are able to create different trends and associations. Many of the associations volition have a hierarchical structure based on the importance of the political engagement needed. These will be pushed to create a specific trend in society and to alter the way in which many respond to the given issue. This creates a sense of civic orientation within society and structures democratic issues and the level of responses and trends which are seen among groups of individuals (Schofer, Gourinchas, 806). c. The organizational concerns which occur over time happen because of the patterns and changes within society. Authors note that the changes which require of concern are based on both the internal and external surroundings. In the internal environment, at that place is a concern because of the employee dynamics and the diversity which is a part of the work force. Different cultural influences, individ ual(prenominal) preferences and understanding of the organization changes the dynamics of the working area and what occurs within the organization. For most, this leads to the need to create an organizational environment which can match the needs of individuals and groups. More important, there is the need to create a sense of changes to fit that there is organizational growth and which meets the challenges for competition and within the marketplace. The changes in organizational concerns are furthered by the social trends which occur and which influence the patterns in buying habits. A business is primarily focused on providing products and operate to customers. However, there are dynamics which change the success of this main goal. This includes alterations in societal demands, trends and behaviors, political alterations, touch systems by groups, advertisements and competition. There are also influences within the economy which changes the popularity of a corporation. The tren ds which are in society then influence the patterns of a businesses success and their ability to move forward with specific alterations that are able to build into the needs of societal trends (Coplien, 43). d. The impact which is given from professional organizations and civic engagement is based on the way in which each influences the other. Professional organizations develop with a specific purpose or need to influence society in a given manner. This is done by providing information and by demonstrate the benefits or downfalls

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