Sunday, April 28, 2019

Critical Analysis of College is a Waste of Time and Money Essay

Critical Analysis of College is a Waste of Time and Money - Essay congressmanIt is clearly identifiable from the denomination that bird has not expressed her views ab step up college based discipline for traumatize value merely, rather she genuinely has a firm conviction at heart that colleges in legal age of the cases turn out to be a mere waste of wads of cash and many hours and she actually makes every effort in her article to patronise this viewpoint. Though this article managed in satiating the minds of many thinkers out there who believe that earning a bachelors degree by making big commitments to the colleges in terms of time and money is an ineffective and rather clumsy way to get the real training, lock many teachers and students themselves break reacted strongly negatively to Birds take on college based learning which is quite understandable. Now, there are two important things worth considering before getting all faultfinding(prenominal) in this regard. First, i f we think about the established reality which projects that the kind of role played by a teacher or scholar holds monumental importance and value for behavioral modification and general social welfare of a student, the approach used by Bird to assess the importance of colleges immediately gets discarded. Next, it cannot be verbalise that Birds article should be totally condemned or agonized since it lacks ground because concerning the common hold active presently among parents and students to waste wads of cash only after colleges or universities names, the possibility of a college to turn out to be a waste of cash and time may arise. This is because many generation the real purpose of learning is lost when more attention is paid to the colleges name than on a students individual per intelligenceality. It is an undeniable reality that a student who has the tendency to concord lazy or defiant attitude and bad habits will remain just the same and transmit as pathetically as a s tudent even if he/she be enrolled at rough of the most prestigious institution. In such cases, going to college does turn out to be a deceitful effort and a college definitely becomes a waste of time and money for such students, but Bird does not get at the conventional method of college based learning on this basis alone as she is seen going to different lengths in her article to nullify the concept of colleges for acquiring knowledge. Now, a college is seen by the massive majority of people as the central pillar or the support system upon which the whole create of learning could be supported. Bird disagrees openly from all such thinkers here. The argument used by her to antagonize the established thinking approach is that most of the students enrolled at different colleges in the present times have absolutely no sense of purpose as to why they are there in the college in the first place. This means that a student personally rarely ever has any strong motif about staying in a particular college to learn. Most of them are just there because their mothers or fathers valued them to be there or because their families wanted to show off to other relatives or friends about their son or daughter learning in some prestigious institution. Now, this can be passed off as a justified point brought up by Bird because students should personally be strongly motivate for going to colleges to learn and not only should they acknowledge this motivation but should also know how to defend their choice of going to colleges for learning. Next major point addressed by Bird in her article is that special attention should be paid to the real reason behind the

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