Friday, February 15, 2019

What Christians Believe About The Death Of Jesus :: Papers

What Christians Believe About The Death Of messiah Different denominations are all united in their belief of the death of rescuer. As a result of Jesus death on the cross, he deliver humanity. Through its vicious behaviour the human race had effectively sold itself to Satan, but Jesus had to pay the necessary price to buy it back. Christians believed that when God sent his unaccompanied son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross, he saved us all from sin and reunited with God. Therefore, Jesus is seen to Christians as a ransom, which was paid in order for the world to be at atonement with God at once again. Jesus was sinless, and was God incarnate as well as man, and so his death was able to redeem mankind. We are once again reminded of Jesus gift in order to be reconciled with God, when he is referred to as the endorse Adam, as he corrected the fall of mankind (Adam & Eve). Christians also struggle that the death of Jesus was inevitable he had to die, for humanity couldnt be redeemed without him being sacrificed. The bible teaches us this. It teaches us that God is merciful, but he is also just, so our sins have to be paid for. The Crucifix holds symbol for Roman Catholics as well as Protestants. Roman Catholics see it as a symbol of Jesus death, therefore having a crucifix with Jesus on. Protestants however, see it as a symbol of Jesus resurrection therefore having a barren crucifix. Jesus if often referred to as The lamb of God. This endure be compared with the sometime(a) Testament (Exodus) where an detached lamb would be sacrificed each year at Passover. Jewish people did this, as they believed that by shedding the blood of an innocent lamb and painting it upon their doors, they would be spared by the angel of death. Jesus is manage the lamb that is sacrificed in order to spare the Jews lives. An example of this today can be found at mass where the congregation

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