Thursday, February 21, 2019

Literary Criticism Paper

An archetype Is a reoccurring pattern of Images, symbols, or a situation. The hero archetype Is one(a) who tries to fulfill a necessary business and tries to restore Justice to a society. The hero will commonly go through the heros journey in search for truth and information on restoring Justice to a society. All archetypal heroes share certain characteristics. In 1984, by George Orwell, Winston follows the heros cycles/second because there is nonhing told of his childhood, he looses favor with the political party, and Winston is non burled after all.Throughout the book We are told nothing of his holding (Garry 1 1 ) besides the few memories or dreams he shares with Julia or himself. after(prenominal) waking up crying one morning, Winston shares a memory of his childhood Tijuana he recalls the time him and his sister and mother spent most of their long time in underground shelters, hiding from air raids. Many times, Winston and his family went without food. From starving one day, Winston steal chocolate from his mother and sister and ran away, never seeing them again.Winston always dreams about his mother and Is convinced he murdered her because he stole her chocolate and left her there to starve. However, his subconscious Is his only road to the truth. Although the referee is given small memories on his childhood nothing remained of his childhood boot out a series of bright-lit tableaux occurring against no background and mostly unintelligible (Orwell, 3). Implying, the reviewer is not really told anything of his childhood besides the subconscious memories and few ill-defined images In 1984, the God Is represented through good-looking blood brother.This Is consecutive because Big Brother Is perceived as the ruler of Oceania and he Is a very high figure to the concourse. Big Brothers face is constantly being broadcasted and he is even stamped on he coins. Thus, Winston Later loses favor with the gods and/or his subjects (11) by wanting to do m any rebellious acts and hateful thoughts. For example, Winston begins to have stir with Julia, which was only, a blow struck against the Party (126).Implying there was no true emotion towards Julia and Winston and Julia only had sex to rebel against the Party because having sex Is a major crime In Oceania. Also, Winston looses his support towards the Party shown when he wrote overthrow with Big Brother in his diary. Again, signifying his hatred towards the society and writes to mind people of the better times in Oceania and writes about what it used to be and what it mass settle down become. Towards the end of the book Winston and Julia are surrounded by phalanx of the Thought Police.From there Winston is taken to the horrid Room 101 where he Is tortured. Room 101 holds the persons greatest fear and for Winston It Is rats. As the rats come hand-to-hand to his face he yells, Do It to Julia Do It to Julia not me Julia I dont conduct what you do to her. Tear her face off strip h er to the bones. Not me Julia Not me (286). It is here Winston betrayals Julia and fully egging to believe and love Big Brother and the Party. Winston did not only betrayal Julia, but he also abandons himself.Winston follows the hero cycle because His body is not buried, but nevertheless (1 1 Meaning the Ministry of respect broke and tortured his mind and will and mentally killed him but Winston Is still physically living. Hang out with Julia. However, he is essentially a slave because he cannot express any of his own feelings of rebellion, including to himself in the privacy of his mind. Winston was a very mentally strong character who understood the corrupt humanity he ivies in while nobody else does.During the beginning of the book he does not find any pleasure in Big Brother and as the story progresses he starts to love Big Brother. His goal is to transfigure societys means and gain the freedom of thought back. However, he is a erratic hero because he is middle-aged, has a n average intelligence, and is very weak. He is a hero, although, with variant heroic characteristics. Finally he is a hero because, Winston childhood is a mystery, his support for the Party is lost, and he becomes a walking slave for the Party and Big Brother.

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