Saturday, February 23, 2019

Alex Rider: Stormbreaker

Alex rider Stormbreaker 1)I managed this book. It was filled with action and suspense. But I didnt like how it was far-fetched. A 14 year old that knew all different types of karate, languages, moves, and to the highest degree taught like a spy from birth. But other than that, I authentically liked the book. I like how everything was detailed. 2)A. The main characters are Alex Rider, Ian Rider (dead, only if an important name), Yassen Gregorovich, and Herold Sayle. B. The setting of this book is Present day in London. C.The important Plot is that the Stormbreaker Computers have a Vial of smallpox gas. It comes bring out of the calculators when the computer is turned on. 3) Plot Pyramid ?Ian Rider Dies ?Alex meets men from the bank ?Ians office is raided ?Alex sees the car that Ian was driving when he died. ?He finds out that the bank is really the M16 ?Alex becomes a spy ?He goes by dint of intense training for mission ?Goes to Stormbreaker headquarters ?Uses computer and sn oops around the whole shebang ?Found and escorted back into his someoneal room, where Ian Rider slept ?Found a while of paper with a drawing( will come in handy later) ? Alex hides in vans that go to pick up something at docks. Found out that Yassen is work with Sayle ? Man dies for dropping a steel box ?Goes back to provide ?Alex almost gets killed by Yassen and Herolds men ?Goes to library and gets book ?Finds out what the picture really meant ?Goes into a mine shaft ?Stayed in body of water for 2 minutes to get to the other side ?Found the science lab where the vials were being put into the computer ? Gets aught and tied up ?Escapes and goes to where the honoring is ?Reaches Science Museum ?Prime Minister shot ?Sayle shot and disappeared ?Alex stays in school and Jack is allowed to stay in London ? Sayle finds Alex and brings him to a diadem of a building ?Helicopter flies away without Alex ?Story Ends 4)My deary character in this book is Alex Rider. He is strong, agile , smart, and speaks like he is older. He climbs out a window for his own curiosity. He saved Millions of people. Alex to a fault very sneaky.He went around the plant and not being spy for a while. Thats why Alex Rider is my favorite character in the book. 5)The theme that I thought was in this book was that An ordinary person could save lives. I say that because Alex saved millions of people and he was a firm person. Or at least until his uncle died. He was a regular guy when he went out for training to save the school kids. 6)This tarradiddle is told in 3rd person. Two page examples are pages 1 and 56. some(prenominal) of the pages say names and not I, its all right-hand(a) names.

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