Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Celebration of the Lizard Essay -- Analysis, Jim Morris

It was 1968s album Waiting for the Sun that attach the appearance of a new aspect of Morrisons catch, the Lizard King. A numbers entitled The Celebration of the Lizard, in which he pronounced I am the Lizard King, was printed on the album jacket. Morrison later claimed that this poem was meant to be partly in jest, but it took on a life of its own and would trifle an important role in Morrison mythology. In a 1970 interview, Morrison respond to a question ab divulge being called a Lizard KingStevenson How do you feel close some of the magazine articles that used to come out calling you the Lizard King and things like that? Morrison Oh, I liked it I enjoyed it I thought it was, you know, I always liked reptiles, I always had a fondness for them . . . We did evolve from reptiles . . . I used to regulate the innovation as a mammoth peristaltic snake and I used to see all the people, objects and landscapes as pictures on the facets of their skin, their scales. I think the perist altic transaction is the canonic life movement swallowing, digestion, the rhythms of sexual intercourse. Even your basic unicellular structures chip in this same . . . Stevenson Fluidity and motion? Morrison Yeah14Morrison used the ascription of Lizard King to expand on his image, as seen in this interview, by molding it to his ideals of proximity to the earth, suggesting that the motion of a reptile mimics the basic motion of all life. He further used the Lizard King image in the theatricality of his on-stage performances and, whether consciously or sub-consciously, to contribute to his own, as tumefy as the bands, image. At best, it is possible to distinguish between Morrison as priest-doctor and Morrison as the Lizard King,... ... difficult to confirm the cause of his conclusion. Was it suicide? mar? This hesitancy may have contributed to a Morrison-like image and myth. Now, that his physician has been convicted of negligence, the uncertainty is reduced. We will have t o wait and see what develops.It is the public discourse, after the death of a celebrity, which results in the emergence of an icon. In books, films, and other media content to the highest degree the celebrity, various narratives and central value become associated with the celebrity. After several age of continued public interest in the dead celebrity, the image and values associated with the celebrity become more significant than, and transcend, the factual details about the historical existence of the individual. The following section will outline elements alter to the construction of the image of a celebrity, after their death.

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