Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Statment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Statment - Essay Examplet in the investigation of physical bodies of the world, behaviors of atoms, planets and different theories generated by scholars, which basis determine high potentiality to choose physics as a major subject. It is necessary to engage in seek work weather for organizations or for educational institutes. Both can provide a promising c beer. Moreover, it can expand knowledge and assumptions of universe. There are other subjects of physics like Quantum Mechanics and String theory, which can provide enthralling experience to bring up to the realities of the world as is of great source of value and influence.I have analytical skills, which are essential in physical studies, and I strongly feel that I have what it takes to enhance them and keep them up to date with changing trends and requirement of the course. Physics provides an in-depth empirical knowledge, which is of significant value as it provides manifestation of congenital processes of the world. The na ture of physical bodies acting on earth and the universe can be captured through research work as it consists of the ability to explore different areas of natural phenomenon. Most of the theories of physics can be applied practically as well which are fascinating. These also bring an element of unpredictability, which is intriguing and orphic for me.Physics provides exploration of knowledge and it is necessary to instill tactics and techniques through which the innovative fields of physics and investigations, which are carried out by physicists, are kept at abreast on a workaday basis. Through this procedure, an individual can be kept informed if there are any updates in the field. It also helps in increasing knowledge regarding forces of nature. Besides these, physics as a major can help find future prospects as a lecturer where strategic skills as a physician can be applied. Moreover, these programs can provide a platform if further studies are carried out in the same fields li ke a PhD Program or career in other

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