Friday, May 3, 2019

Case analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Case analysis - Essay ExampleIn St Amos Hospital, culture and ethics were intimately related with the provision of extensive initiatives to employees. It is for this reason that absenteeism has never been a problem for the company despite the difficulties and the latent hostility that characterize the specific sector. However, the problem of the missing linen proved to be the beginning for the decrease of the wets performance due to the measures introduced for its investigation. More specifically, because of the increase of shortages in linen, the hospital administrator, Paul Seay sent cardinal memorandums to the shadow nursing director Jean McDuff. The first of these memos was rather general proposing just a fewer changes to the existed work framework (proposals included the observation of handling of linen and the report of any irregularity). However, the second memo was too difficult to be followed and as a result many of the employees working in the night shift were either resigned or asked to be removed to the morning shift. On the other hand, absenteeism that had never been a problem became frequent. In general, the performance of the hospital was radically decreased for the period followed the application program of the second memo. It could be stated that the strategies proposed by the substantials manager, specifically the hospital administrator, where not appropriate in consent with the extension and the nature of the particular problem. This assumption can be supported by the fact that the application of the measures suggested by Paul Seay led gradually to the decrease of the employees performance specifically regarding the night shift in the above hospital. For this reason, the turbulences occurred in the organizational culture and the ethics applied throughout the specific organization could be regarded as a normal consequence of the measures proposed in order to face the problem of the shortage of linen.The firms

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