Monday, May 20, 2019

Our Home and Racist Land Essay

Being iodine of the nigh soci bothy developed and multicultural countries in the world everyone probably sees Canada as a Utopian country. Unfortunately Canada isnt as perfect as everyone thinks it is, and a major persisting issue is racialism. Being a multicultural there ar human beingy minorities and this usually results in racism, isolation, and unequal treatment amongst everyone. Unfortunately, racism gets more unspoilt and turns into hate crime and that is a federal offence.Racisms not only affects adults at work or on the streets but also affects electric razorren in schools and dayc argon centers as kids ar treated differently based on their uncase color. We can all imagine that racism has disappeared but in reality we know that it bequeath never leave. Racism is defined as a belief that inherent differences among human race, does that mean that all of us throw off to be one race in order to eliminate racism in our society? Practically, it is impossible to get rid of racial prejudice.Racism is viridity amongst the streets of Canada and especially Toronto as we are the most diverse city in Canada. Racism occurs everywhere from schools to workplaces. Even where I volunteer the quat who runs is racist, he is known for only hiring white people as his staff and Hispanic people to do the cleaning. Everywhere we turn we see racism. When a lady crosses the street and sees a person of African caudex she will either take a different road or being to walk really fast. This is because we are all racist by habit now. We have been influenced by movies, TV shows, and the media.We are ever so bombarded by 20-year old scurrilous male wanted for robbery or 32 year-old male black wanted for murder in the media that everyone has come to a conclusion that all black people are criminals and that is wrong. To make matters worth parents will tell their kids not to hang out with African people and when that one African child gets secluded he will do anything to be part of the group and this is when the child starts to befriend the wrong people and he is now in a gang.He gets into unnecessary bickering and now is the top news on CTV and all of this was because one arent was racist and told his/her child not to be friends with a black person. A more severe case of racism is hate crime, and that is very common in Canada. Statistics Canada has released the numbers and it states that there have been 1473 hate-motivated crimes in 2009 and 52% was because of race/ethnicity, which means there have been 766 racist crimes. To be more specific almost 300 incidents were intended toward black people, 95 towards southwest Asians, and 75 towards Arabs. Even in the 21st century we are still witnessing violence toward people because of their skin color.Just by viewing these statistics you can conclude that Canada is still racist. To be more precise Canada has change magnitude in hate crimes toward race from 2006-2009 by roughly 61%. Racial discrimination must burst immediately it is not progressing society forward it is pulling us backward. At the end of the day we are all humans and we are all one race and this prejudice towards others because of the color of their skin is barbaric. Canada is most definitely still racist, we might seem like the perfect country to the eyes of others but we are far from a utopian society.Regardless of the fact you are Caucasian, African, Sri Lankan, Arab, and Chinese we are all humans, and racism just degrades us. Abraham Joshua Herschel, a Polish-born American rabbi once said Racism is mans gravest threat to man the maximum hatred for a minimum of reason. Racism was once the reason WWII had started and it was the reason we went through a terrifying era of slaves in North America. Both Canada and the global society are frequently video display racial animosity and this should not be tolerated.

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