Sunday, August 18, 2019

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Tampa’s future, something each resident of Tampa and its sprawl should care about. The Tampa Planning Commission offered a chance to residents to come up with ideas, over looked problems, and solutions to be considered and added to Tampa’s Plan. The planning Commission held five meetings that consisted of the resident â€Å"study circle† and Tampa planners together they hoped to move forward in a progressive and positive way. Session One 10-1-04 Session one was held at New Tampa Library and its topic was â€Å"How is change or the lack of change affecting our community?† I walked into the meeting and immediately I was out of place. In fact I was asked if I was there for the story time across the hall. It was strange to see what I think is the future of Tampa not represented. It was obvious by the story time remark that these people were not expecting my age range to be represented either. Our topic came with a couple of reports for our review and for us to add personal perspective to. The first meeting explained how we were to interact with each other and that it was just a big conversation. The meeting started with introductions, and Tampa was well represented and most people there have lived in more than one part of Tampa. The meeting started with a question to get the conversation started and the Planning Commission members took notes to pull out the major concerns and ideas of what we were saying. The facilitator asked â€Å"Is the character of Tampa’s neighborhoods better than eight years ago?† This got the circle to talk about the individual neighborhoods that make up Tampa. One point realized in examining our neighborhoods is that change is not consistent or even. One problem mentioned was an increase in traffic and its effects on residential areas. Back roads are no longer safe for residents or bikes. One solution to this problem was the widening of I-275. On the other hand, what will this new construction do to one of Tampa’s oldest and most history holding communities of Tampa Heights. The solutions are turning into more effects and impacts . This made me realize that there is still a divide even among one city. Person A who needs to get to his high paying job from far away in sprawl doesn’t care about person B’s semi lower-income neighborhood or the people or history that make it up.

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