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Home Visit With Sallie Mae Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Home Visit With Sallie Mae - Essay Example Lack of enough oxygen is the main cause of a clouded mind hence the need for the administration of oxygen (Grand Canyon University, 2013). The visiting nurse approached Sallie well, made her feel appreciated and went ahead to assure her that her condition is manageable. To show her concern for what Sallie was going through, the nurse requested her to talk about her late husband. In the medical profession, sharing a patient’s personal problem is important in creating a patient-physician relationship. Like in Sallie’s case where loneliness is one of the stumbling blocks to her recovery, the talk gave her an opportunity to discuss her problems. Efferox was administered at bedtime to treat depression (Grand Canyon University, 2013). The strength of the prescribed drug is an indication that the Sallie was under too much psychological trauma probably because of her medical condition and loneliness To help alleviate the symptoms of congestive heart failure, Sallie was advised to take multivitamins and potassium supplements because she could not provide the body with sufficient quantity of vitamins because of poor appetite. Her poor appetite is also as a result of loneliness because she feels like she has nothing to live for. To relieve her chest pains and headache, she was advised to take ibuprofen and darvocet. Digoxin was administered to help her fight heart failure and rhythm problems. Zocar was prescribed to enhance weight loss and help in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases (National heart lung and blood institute, 2011). For hypertension, Lasix was prescribed to treat her blood pressure problem and help her system get things back on track. Minipress Was given to treat high blood pressure and enhance the relaxation of the muscles around the urethra. Vasotec was administered together with other drugs to help in lowering of sallies blood

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