Monday, August 12, 2019

Criminal justice Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Criminal justice - Thesis Example The state of affair above means that there is a correlation between increased immigration and the rising cases of crime since the immigrants who form a crucial part of this debate are the very perpetrators of crime in the United States. For instance, in line with this rationale is the disclosure by the Pew Hispanic Center which pointed out that in 2007, those sentenced for federal crimes were largely non-US citizens Hispanics who accounted for 74% of the immigration offenders. The same accounted for 25% of drug offenders, 6% of firearms offenders, and 8% of the white collar crimes perpetrators. This statistical provision above is of great interest, given that non-native Hispanics account for 5.1% of the nations adult population. In the same vein, the Federal Bureau of Prison corroborates the statement by the Pew Hispanic Center to state that 26.4% of inmates that are incarcerated in federal prisons are non-US citizens. The seriousness of the mater is underscored by the fact that thes e illegal immigrants are small enough to comprise a paltry 8.6% of the US adult population. The rationale herein is that if a small population such as the non-US citizen can account for the inordinately high rates of crime and prison population, then the situation can turn into a tragedy if the number of the illegal immigrants in the US increases. In another wavelength, there are other observers such as XXXX who point out that the concomitance between increased immigration and high rates of crime is too strong to be gainsaid. XXX points out that illegal immigration in itself is a crime, and therefore, it could suffice to moderate the question. XXXX points out that this is because, illegal immigration is not only a crime, but it has steadily scaled upwards since 1995. In Maricopa County, 22% of felons are illegal immigrants; in Collier County, 22% of prison inmates are illegal immigrants; in Lake County, 19% of prison inmates are illegal immigrants; and in Weld County,

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