Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Leadership Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 7

Leadership - Research Paper Example Personal principles and skills acquired in development by a leader will determine the ability to show others the way. In most public sector administrations, the leaders take control of what the junior workers do in their jobs or even what the customers want. Some of them are full of corruption in making vial decisions (To Kill a Mocking Bird 01:41:03). Most of the leaders in this sector also consider their directive to be the best and employee should not in any way do the job in another way. Such practices have made junior employees to lose touch with the management hindering collaborative work design. There is always a barrier between management and junior employees in the workplaces. In addition, most of those finding themselves in the public areas are not motivated in doing their work. Most do the work because of the salary and economic security. This kind of practice cannot allow most of the employees in the public sector to become productive. It also affects the relationship between employees of different units and ranks. As Howard places it, a relationship in the work place is better than the profit. The public servants should also consider serving their customers betternot only by valuing the returns they get. In solution for these cultures in the public administration system, several leadership changes have to take place in the work place. Most of the changes might involve deviation from the current practices like the way Howard Behar changed the management of Starbucks. To change these practices top leaders in the public administration system should take initiative in leading as an example. Developing these leadership skills might seem easy but practicing them proves to be hard for most of the leaders. Working at the middle level management in a public service comes with many challenges. In reality,one person may give orders to some

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