Saturday, August 17, 2019

Music Appreciation Essay

Something new made me very motivated today to review an extraordinary piece of music. Actually this my first time reviewing or even talking about piece from that style of music. Today, I am going to introduce very nice piece of music for all my classmates in the musoc appriceation class, and this piece call â€Å" Symphony No. 5† for one of greatist musicians and composers in the entire universe, who is â€Å" Beethoven â€Å". Usually , my favorite style of music is that kind of light music that expresses happiness and how good is the life, but this time, I left this track moving to another style. Beethoven 5th symphony is piece of music refers to the classic period, and it’s composer â€Å" Beethoven† was one of the most important composers on that era. The 5th symphony has all the charcteristics that all music in the classic period had. Very simple notes could expresses very hard feelings that beethoven felt during his life. Beethoven started this piece with repeated basic motive followed by suden, and powerful notes that can attract the audiance get intersting to listen to it. Strings played very important role on the attractive introduction of the symphony. After that, the orchestera playes very quick and repeatative notes, and right after beethoven changed that high pitch to lower pitch. That change of the pitch and the texture gave this piece a different taste from the other pieces of music. Although the 5th Symphony is considered one of Beethoven’s greatest musical works because it was very good example to express Beethoven life. Understanding this piece of music will give fear’s feeling to anyone listen to it. I believe that Beethoven 5th symphony became very succesful and famous piece of music because it was expressing a real feeling associated with its composer. In my opinion , Beethoven felt each note he wrote on this music, and that was reason who made this music very touchy to everyone listen to it. I personally felt this piece of music since I heard it on my first time in the music appriceation class. When I first heard this piece, I felt as it was playing just for me to express what I feel, so Beethoven succes was on this point, which is write notes express many people’s sad feelings. In summary, the reason for the great fame and popularity of this Symphony is that it distills so much of Beethoven’s musical style. One feature is its â€Å"organicism,† the fact that all four movements seem to grow from seeds sown in the opening measures. While Beethoven used the distinctive rhythmic figure of three shorts and a long in other works from this time, so I encourage everyone to listen to at Works Cited Beethoven.

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