Thursday, July 25, 2019

W two videos of effective presentations on topics of personal interest Essay

W two videos of effective presentations on topics of personal interest (not career-related). For each video, discuss in-depth the three parts of the Rhetorical Triangle - Essay Example rent activities: the ‘How to Make Sugar-Free Lemonade’ and the ‘How to Make a Flat Spiral Bracelet’ videos are analyzed aiming to show the potential use of Rhetorical Triangle for evaluating the effectiveness of messages delivered to a particular audience. The Rhetorical triangle is used for analyzing the quality of messages in terms of ‘reasoning and argumentation’ (Cooper 2009, p.52). Different views seem to exist in regard to the elements of Rhetorical triangle. According to Cooper (2009) the Rhetorical triangle incorporates ‘the speaker, the audience and the purpose’ (Cooper 2009, p.52). In its most common form, the Rhetorical triangle includes ‘the speaker, the audience and the message’ (Magedah 2010, p.7). The above terms could be analyzed as follows: the speaker is the person that delivers the message (Magedah 2010, p.7). The means used for the delivering of the message is not standardized (Magedah 2010, p.7). The audience is a term used for describing the individual or individuals ‘who receive the message’ (Magedah 2010, p.7). It should be noted that the audience cannot be precisely defined in advance; for example if a message targets a person but it is finally delivered to m any persons, then the audience is extended even if the speaker did not have such intention (Killingsworth 2005, p.26). As for the third element of the Rhetorical triangle, i.e. the message, this is used for showing ‘the information that the speaker aims to convey to the audience’ (Magedah 2010, p.7). In order for a message to be successfully delivered all the above elements need to be taken into consideration (Magedah 2010, p.7). The first of the videos analyzed in this paper, i.e. the video entitled ‘How to Make Sugar-Free Lemonade’ can be considered as quite successful in terms of delivering the message involved. The success of the video can be made clear by referring to the three elements of the Rhetorical triangle: the presenter describes clearly

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