Friday, July 19, 2019

Aborting a Child isnt the Right Choice :: essays research papers

Abortion to the Webster dictionary is the term used to describe the premature expulsion of the fetus from the womb, or the operation to cause this. It is when a pregnant woman intentionally gets rid of her child before it is fully developed.Why do people do it? Is it killing a human life? What are the benefits for having an abortion? Should it be made illegal? I tell you my side how I feel about it. Abortion is the killing of a child before the birth. They usually take a needle and put it into the mothers womb, and kill it.It comes out of the womb half way, then they kill it. To me that is just sick. I think that it is in humane to kill a live child.Just think, it is alive. It needs oxygen to breath. It needs food to live. And if you don't take care of the baby, it wouldn't come out. Abortion should be illegal.There are certain exceptions where it may be acceptable to perform abortions.For example,if a woman’s life is threatened by her giving birth,then an abortion should be performed to save her life.Another example is if a woman is raped and she becomes pregnant as a consequence of that rape,then it is understandable that she would not want to give birth and care for that child,because it will always bring back memories of the horrible incident.Other than those two exceptions, I don’t see how anybody can do abortion.I think women who want to have abortion s imply don’t understand the circumstances or haven’t been told what it does.When they find out what abortion really does and what it’s all about, I think that they will be few who would want to do it.Just think you come home from work one day, and all of the sudden your kid gives you a great big hug. That shows love. And after a long days work, wouldn't anybody want some love from a child. Offcourse when they are little they scream, and kick, but they also give love, and affection, and can be the cutest thing. And if you abort a it, you won’t get those affections,you won’t even get the chance to see she or he. I think people also just want to make apology for what they have done.

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