Friday, July 26, 2019

Discription of three habitats Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Discription of three habitats - Essay Example lowing water and since it transports rocks and sediments downstream, sand, rock and woody debris are seen at the banks and toward the end of the river. Vegetation at the banks appears deep rooted, since it remains anchored even as water flows by. Unlike in a river, where water is constantly flowing, a swamp is a wetland area where water partially or completely submerges vegetation for the greater part of the year. Swamp water flows at a slow rate and it actually seems stagnant. The edges of a swamp are covered with sedges or reeds, which look like long straw grass. The elevated areas within a swamp, which are drier than the watered areas, have trees. The land seems marshy in the relatively dry areas. A lake is basically defined as a body of freshwater surrounded by land. This implies that the lake is characterized by open water. A lake has suspended organisms like plankton. On its banks, where there is sedimentation of sand or soil and organic matter accumulation, there are floating but rooted aquatic plants like smartweeds and water lilies. These floating plants provide support and food for many herbivores that live around the

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