Saturday, July 27, 2019

Political and Economic Transition Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Political and Economic Transition - Essay Example They are usually granted by the government to the maker of a product and the government thereby, promises the company to restrict others to use the same process or produce the same product. Another way of preventing piracy is to use such unique production methods which are very difficult to be copied. For instance movies are now available on Blu-ray discs and it is nearly impossible to make a copy of them without a standard Blu-ray writer. And Blu-ray writers are very expensive, thereby limiting the chances of pirating movies. Another possible way is to take action against pirates or those who are involved in mass piracy. The American Immigration and Customs enforcement undertook a massive crackdown in 2010 and shut down the famous video hosting website called Ninja Video. One more popular instance of a crackdown on pirates was when a US court ordered the famous P2P (peer to peer) software giant LimeWire from taking its service off the internet. Q. Increased digital communication may pose a threat to intellectual property because technology enables people to create perfect clones of original works. How do you think the internet affects intellectual property laws? A. The internet is a great facility which has facilitated people throughout the world with its technological advancements and things available online. However it is also the most successful medium to be used by people involved in piracy. Intellectual property can be described as property that can be protected under a nation’s law including copyright ideas, discoveries, inventions and works. There is a lot of information available on the internet that can easily be downloaded, copied and shared. The ease with which such information can be copied and distributed has become a nightmare for the creators/makers of such information. With so little protection available to the creators of information, they fear a massive fall in their income. An author’s income is based upon the number of his books

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