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The Term Of Nakakainis In The Philippines English Language Essay

The Term Of Nakakainis In The Philippines English Language Es tellHave you encountered a time when you ar feeling really soused or annoyed that you would just like to punch or slap a pesky person? When you argon universe disturbed by an utterly foolish person who asks nonsense questions? Or when you did not get to watch your favorite soap opera? These situations make you say NAKAKAINIS, right? But Filipino juvenility these days b atomic number 18ly use the original meaning of nakakainis irritated, annoyed and troubled (Nakakainis in English, Yahoo Answers. June 2010). Filipino youth would say NAKAKAINIS if they find things which ar interesting like afterwards watching this video (Ayos sa Trip si Manong, You Tube . June 2010), seeing this very cute externalise (Baby Cheeks, Flickr picture file. November 2005) or cracking Filipino funny jokes like Q bakit bawal maligo ng sabay-sabay ang mga kalbo sa Jacuzzi? A Kasi, magmu-mukha silang pinipritong squid ball They would say NAKAKA INIS even if they ar not feeling irritated or annoyed. This is the NAKAKAINIS of our youth. We fuel also say that it is the modern nakakinis for the youth. NAKAKAINIS is a form of expression that is used by Filipino youth. They use it when they see interesting pictures, videos, mannerisms or stuffed toys.The word nakakainis has a prefix nakaka- and a author word inis. In Filipino, the prefix or unlaping naka- is used when the word will be used as a conjugate in the sentence. If the essay or sentence must be written in formal, the conjugate should be written having its prefix nakaka- first, and the root word itself. Example nakakabaliw, nakakamatay, nakakagalit. If it is informal, the prefix naka- should be written fist, followed by the first syllable of the word, and the root word itself. Example nakababaliw nakamamatay, nakagagalit. (Panlapi, Gintong Pamana Aklat sa Wika 3. 2006)The word nakakainis has two different meanings the feeling of displeasure or excitation and the re action of the showing of interest in a thing. Nakakainis, in English, means irritating or annoying. According to the definition of annoyance, if the feeling of irritations and annoyance mount up, our feeling outbursts and thus, the feeing of irritation and annoyance will be changed or result in anger or frustration.(Annoyance, Experience Festival. n.d.) It is an uncomfortable feeling that bottomland be the reason of a sudden outburst of anger. Sometimes, if a person is really irritated or annoyed, he could not control his emotions and do something the boot that would result to a big problem. hoi polloi who doesnt have control in their feelings would shout or hurt the feelings of the person who irritates or annoys them. When we get angry because of irritation and annoyance, we should have presence of mind to prevent unwanted events to happen like fighting.The expression nakakainis, in a high-pitched tone, washstand mean the reaction after seeing interesting things. For example, a teenager sees you carrying a cute Crayola pillow and her reaction will surely be Its so cute Where did you buy that? Nakakainis or I would also like to have one Nakakainis ang pagka-cute nya In my high school, my classmates used nakakainis as an expression whenever they find cute and interesting things.Making a person happy of satisfying a persons need is the same as pleasing them while annoyance or irritation is when somebody or something do you feel uneasy by continuously bothering you. Pleasing a person is not easy as annoying or irritating a person. We can contrast irritation or annoyance to pleasing a person. It takes time and effort to please somebody. most of the time, people please others because they are scared of rejection. They are scared to be left alone and thus, making themselves always available even though they are busy. People-pleasers, those people who please others, feel that people are taking advantage of them because of their low self esteem. People-pleasers a lways suffer because of low esteem and they tip say no to people who ask them favors or requests. Ms. Carla Valencia tell in her blog that those people who like to please others are scared of people rejecting them, preventing problems between other people, problem on always degrading themselves because they are not confident enough on their abilities, skills or distinguishledge. (Low Self Esteem and Pleasing People, More Self Esteem. n.d.)Stress can be the result of be irritated and annoyed always. As stated earlier, being irritated or annoyed can lead to emotions such as anger and frustration. We all know that stress has a great effect in our lives. It makes us age prematurely, can lead us to have psychosomatic illness and greatly take our job. Stress can be more of a factor in determining your physical age than the number of candles you blow out each year. (7 Effects of Stress, About. November 2007) Because of stress, a person can look older than his present age. A good examp le for this one is the commercial from the StressTabs. In the commercial, Giselle Sanchez, the host of the bar, intellection that a looking sick and old girl was already in her 50s so she called her as lola. Then the boyfriend of the girl told Giselle Sanchez that she is his girlfriend and she looks like that because she is accented and tired from work. But the girl, after taking StressTabs, looked like she transformed into a pretty, fine, young-looking girl. This commercial is telling us that being stress always would ruin our beautiful face and will only look older. According to the number five of the effects of stress, it is stated that thinking negative things and being emotionally stressed results in psychosomatic illness. We should be worrying about it because it can be treated like in any other kind of sickness. (5 Effects of Stress, About. November 2007) People can cure themselves by attending Yoga classes. By doing Yoga, stress will go away and it can refrain us from gett ing or acquiring psychosomatic illnesses. People should always think positive things to also prevent from being stressed and sick. We, people, need to have energy to work. But, if we are always stressed, we cant do our job well. People need to rest to have energy.The Filipino expression kakagigil or a intense emotion, urge or feeling that a person gets over with something that he/she thinks is totally wonderful and together describes carefully how a person responds or want to respond (Getting Gigil with It, Culture Fried. March 2010), can be compared to kakainis.NAKAKAINIS is a form of expression that is used by Filipino youth. They use it when they see interesting pictures, videos, mannerisms or stuffed toys. The expressions that we daily use reflects on our attitudes. Most expressions are slang and vulgar words. We should be wary of people because they will base their first impressions on other people by just hear their expressions. Especially here in the Philippines, most expres sions used are curses, slang and other vulgar words. We should be careful in every word we say. Expressions are like any other words we encounter. As we all know, words are dynamic. Thus, the expressions we daily use could also evolve its meaning in age to come.

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