Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Q1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Q1 - Essay ExampleThe focusing system of the hospitals needs change to work efficiently.Lean can be defined as a toolset, management system or a philosophy that keeps the capability of transforming the method of organizing and managing the hospitals. The hospital system involving patients, employees and physicians can be improved in terms of management and wellness care by adopting the hunt methodology. Overall, lean can be defined as a management system that is supportive for hospital management and health care profession reducing errors and maximizing efficiency.Value added activities in lean can be defined as those activities due to which, products or process give birth better, however, non-value added activities are those who have no participation to the products or process and can be removed as waste. For example, generating a printed slip of emails of the orders is a waste and should be eliminated while generation of a printed slip for required items is value added activity .A value stream can be defined as a ordered set of activities that are needed to generate a particular product or service. It is related to sub-optimization as sub-optimization occurs when the outputs are less than expected because of some deficient work from some business entity. Sub-optimization puts a negative impact on value stream as the outputs of products and services are flawed.The three forms of process from a lean perspective are about waste and they are muri, mura and muda. Muri is wasteful design, mura is wasteful implementation while muda is wasteful action. These forms are important as lean works towards elimination of wastes to make the activities value

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