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Nursing Practice Gap Analysis Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Nursing Practice Gap Analysis Paper - Essay ExampleHowever, attempts to develop gravel been faced with the challenge caused by the gap between theory and practice. What the students learn is viewed as ideal and not the reality of what happens in healthcare. Therefore, there is need to probe the gap and reconcile theory with practice for advanced nursing practice. This paper analyses an area of nursing practice with a gap between theory and practice. it go forth talk about an area that lack of theoretical support, theory developments and rationale for theory. 2. Nursing Practice Gap. Theory presents information that form a basis for collar nursing, therefore, information offered in the classroom is a representation of what happens in practice as Walker and Avant (2005, p. 9) note. Nursing students often find themselves in challenging situations where they sacrifice to find solutions in practice after successfully engaging in theoretical studies. 2.1. Area of nursing that lacks th eoretical support. Caring theory is an area that provides taking into custody to the gap between theory and practice. According to the caring theory applys can show care by upholding the well being of a patient. The nurse leave alone administer drugs and participate in prevention of infections. The challenge lies in the actions of the nurse, the process of care and meeting expectations of the patient. Theory of care does not adequately cover the euphony of care a nurse can poses given a specific situation. The capacity of care may vary from one individual to another. Commitment of the nurse in their relationship with the patient for care is not adequately supported. Additionally, a complimentary environment for giving care is submitd and not often distinctly emphasized in the theory. Caring actions are overlooked and not given priority in the theory as it is in practice. Caring actions include enabling, assisting, staying together, recognizing and beliefs of the patient. In pr actice, nurses realize that caring actions have consequences. Although the nurse may give out, the intended outcome may not be realized. The conditions for giving care can be complicated. Patients and their relatives need care, which is shown through professionalism, leadership and care delivery. Care may be hindered by problems emanating from either the organization, nurse or the patient. The caring theory may require the nurse to spend time with the patient to know how they are coping with the illness. This may not be practical because the nurse must find a balance between their assigned tasks. 2.2. Current theory development. In order to improve giving care to patients in the hospital, unique and specific actions have been proposed as the appropriate ways of giving care. Actions that would make the patient obtain and believe in care have been preferred. The actions would translate theory into practice. According to Tonges and Ray (2011, p. 376), developments in care theory propou nds that nurses participate in maintaining the faith or belief of the patient to aid in the transition of their well being. The nurse strives to know and actualize issues and events happening that could affect the well being of the patient. Taking care of a patient has incorporated the emotional support to the patient and relatives. In an attempt to nigh the gap between caring theory and practice, nurses practice doing for others what they would like done to them. Furthermore, there are situations where giving care in person can be a challenge hence, it is recommended that the nurse facilitates for others so that they can take care of

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