Saturday, June 22, 2019

IT Management Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

IT Management - Article ExampleThey also provide storage for these registers. Computers forget also improve file and info counsel at the Opera House. With digital storage, access and editing of files and data is also easier. A printer is also an important piece of hardw ar.It is inbred for printing output from the computer. The most required software for the PCs is the operating system. This provides a platform for the users to interact with the systems hardware (Anderson, p 112). This interaction interface is essential to help the staff to manage their PCs. An antivirus is also important because it protects the computers from malware attacks. These attacks can have devastating effects, such as data loss.Some applications that are required for the House to run legally vary according to the functions to be performed. Microsoft Outlook is the most common mailing management software. It will help the users when corresponding through emails. A web browser will used by the staff to access web pages during their browsing sessions. QuickBooks and Sage are the common applications used in finance management, and they are considered the best in the field. These applications will help the finance department ease the burden of manual management of financial activities. Sage Human Resource Management System is the most effective human resources software available in the market. It provides solutions for payroll management and it handles another(prenominal) activities related to the human resources department.The use of IT is a powerful tool in the marketing strategy (Englander, p 107). It provides gateways for the Opera House to advertise its events. This can be achieved by posting the events in the most visited websites in the related field. This involves creating of e-banners, advertisements and posters with details about the events and posting them on thesites with the most traffic. The use of social media and networks is also an effective way to create awareness about the events. This can be

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