Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Porphyrias Lover, My Last Duchess and To His Coy Mistress Essay Example

Porphyrias Lover, My Last Duchess and To His Coy Mistress Essay Example Porphyrias Lover, My Last Duchess and To His Coy Mistress Paper Porphyrias Lover, My Last Duchess and To His Coy Mistress Paper and he is now full of love and happiness due to a beautiful damsel fleeing from the storm and seeking shelter. This poem is inclusive of the weather and another character unlike My Last Duchess which includes only one character, the rich man. This poem may be less egotistical but still just as sinister, unpleasant and inclusive of death. He falls deeply in love with Porphyria and wishing that time would stand still he took her hair in one long string, and wound it Three times her little throat around, And strangled her. Unlike seeing her as an object, he sees her as a wonderful woman, on a higher level, but the twist is whilst they are in such deep love with each other he kills her. This may be seen as selfish as in the last poem but she loved him too so in his twisted mind it was fine to keep this moment where they love each other forever, and to do this he kills her. He still is in just as much praise of her as before and believes she is such a brilliant woman. Like the last poem this is sinister, but is very passionate. To His Coy Mistress is also very passionate, but is not cold like the others. It is more for comic purposes as the way in which the man talks to the mistress to get her in bed with him is comic. My vegetable love should grow Vaster than empires, and more slow; An hundred years should go to praise. He rudely and comically uses vegetable love as a metaphor for his penis erecting and then says how he wants to praise her. The first stanza therefore is all about the lustful man saying that if there was time enough he would spend it praising her. This is all very comic and would seem so to the coy lady. I believe it would make her laugh and blush and the man to her would seem witty and appealing. However, unlike in the last poem where the woman is seen as a wonderful woman who is on a higher level, here he is trying to reduce her and bring her down to his level and in to his bed, literally. It retains however the passion. This passion is in the form of lust and Porphyrias Lover is more passion in the form of love, however disturbing it may be. In conclusion love in these poems is portrayed in a number of different ways. My Last Duchess is very cold poem where the woman is objectified and there is a distorted view of love. There is also little passion shown. Porphyrias lover is quite a passionate poem, which portrays the woman as respectable and brilliant. However the love becomes sinister as in My last Duchess. To his Coy Mistress is much more light hearted than the others and is comic. The poem is quite passionate, but lust is the form of passion and that is not true love, but a love that like in My Last Duchess objectifies the woman. Also the women in the two poems are seen as less important as in Porphyrias Lover which represents the woman as the most important thing in the world. Therefore Browning poems are more sinister and different to Marvell which is more like Donne as their poems are more co mic and lustful.

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