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Ceramics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ceramics - Essay Example This section contains a fine selection of tiles and large scale ceramics showing the architectural ceramics that existed in the 13th century to those in the present day. The tiles displayed are from countries such as Portugal Netherlands and the Islamic world which have great history on architectural ceramics.2 This gallery forms the greatest part of the Victoria and Albert museum ceramics section and it is in this room where you find Asian and Middle East ceramics that existed before the 1800. The collection is Brobdingnagian and is displayed on the walls according to the place of origin, time of manufacture and the technique used.3 This section contains the modern day ceramics that have been manufactures in the 20th century. The large influential companies of ceramic production such as the Royal Copenhagen and the Wedgwood have a lot of products in display. The history of ceramics dates back eight thousand years ago and the first ceramics were first made by the Chinese. They constructed earthenware ceramics using the porter’s wheel technology and this is demonstrated by the terracotta ceramic carvings in the tomb of the Emperor Qin. Over the centuries ceramic production was improved by new technologies and styles the most important being tri-color stoneware of the Tang dynasty. During this period the ceramics began to be used for ornamentation functions. As years went by, the celadon style was innovated and it brought about the technology of making elegant shapes and decorations. During the song dynasty, ceramics made of whiteware became popular and helped the Chinese thrive in ceramic trade.4 An advancement of the song dynasty was the blue and white porcelain that were created in the Yuan dynasty and was characterized by the glasslike finish on whitish clay bodies. The Qing period that occurred between 1644 and 1911 was the mos t innovative since it brought about the multicolored porcelain designs that are popular in the

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