Friday, October 18, 2019

Personal Management Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Personal Management - Case Study Example The word department designates a distinct area, division or branch of an organization over which a manager has authority for the performance of specific activities. Here a stricter departmental terminology indicates hierarchical relationships while the purpose of organization is to make human cooperation effectivethe reason for levels of organisation is the limitation of the span of management (Koontz and Weihrich, 2004). Tricky Ltd. have a narrow span of management with many levels. Though this type of structure facilitate close supervision & Control but some times superiors tend to get more involved in subordinate work. It has many levels of management therefore have high cost and create a wide gap between lowest and top level. So due to these shortcomings Tricky Ltd. will have to adopt a wider span of management structure, which emphasize on delegation of powers, have clearer role and policies and subordinates must be carefully selected so that they can perform their jobs to maxim um satisfaction. It has to assign sr. managers as well as departmental heads below Chief executive officers or General Manager who will be the incharge of overall operations. Below dept. managers/ Sr. Managers we place supervisors i.e. frontline and immediately below them is our workforce. The flatter the structure will be the more effective control. More flat/wide management structures reduce cost as overhead and are less expensive. It facilitates direct and effective Communication about objectives, aims, policies etc. Finally numerous levels create ambiguity in role and complicate planning and control. So Tricky Ltd. must adopt a wide span of Management structure. 2. The Management function of staffing is defined as filling and keeping filled position in the organization structure. This is done by identifying the workforce requirements inventorying the people available and recruiting selecting placing promoting appraising planning the carriers ofcompensating and training or there wise developing both candidates and current job holders to that they can accomplish their task effectively and efficiently Recruitment is and important part of staffing. Wagner and Linke (1996) discusses systems approach to staffing depends on various factors. External as well as internal factors affect recruitments in the organisation. The external factors like level of education, the prevailing attitude in society, laws & regulations, economic condition and supply-demand law affect directly the recruitment process. The internal factors like organizational goals, tasks, technology, organization structure the kinds of people employed by theorganisation plays crucial r ole in recruitment of employees. So when Tricky Ltd. recruit skilled work force it must develop a systems approach to recruit people. To recruit skilled worker Tricky Ltd. requires a clear understanding of the nature and role of the position. An objective analysis of position requirements must be made and finally job must be designed to fit into organisational needs. For skilled workers the basic skill requirements such as technical, human, conceptual and design. So during recruitment it must be considered. If any specific skill is required for the job it must be tested

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