Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Bilingualism Course Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Bilingualism Course - Essay Example According to the research findings, having Adequate knowledge of â€Å"Bilingualism† will help to improve in the field of second language acquisition and offer necessary assistance and guidance regarding issues such as the need for a suitable learning environment and excellent effective materials for learners. The researcher enrolled in this course â€Å"Bilingualism† thinking that with the sole purpose of it was only some additional adding some bonus credits that he should take to graduate to his graduation course. This thought, however, lasted for only one week, i.e. the first week of the semester. What the researcher did not know was that how much the amount of knowledge he will was to gain from that class. Before Prior to enrolling in this course, the author did not realize that had very little or no realization about the fact that bilingualism is one of the crucial topics that a second/foreign language teacher should must know about and the numerous benefits one ca n earn, in terms of career, by gaining and have a better understanding of the subject in order to do well in her/his career. This course has totally completely transformed the author’s perception about bilingualism changed his view to Bilingualism. It has created The researcher now have a newfound appreciation for the course and/or this subject, as well as extensive knowledge about bilingualism which will help, in the future, to while dealing with classes that have to comprise of monolingual, bilingual and multilingual learners. This class course has not only helped the author develop as a teacher, but it has allowed him to become more knowledgeable and confident in teaching English as a second language. This class has provided the narrator with various useful information through various activities such as class participation, writing journal, critical review, group discussion and Robyn`s presentation. One of the crucial parts most vital aspects of being a student is to parti cipate in the class, ask questions and give share opinions.

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