Thursday, October 17, 2019

Organization Theory, Design And Structure; Ethical Leadership And Assignment

Organization Theory, Design And Structure; Ethical Leadership And Communication - Assignment Example Melvina here is required to change the figures of the number of animal deaths owing to exposure to the drug to less than 10 percent in order to help the development and commercialization process of the new cancer drug. Her making alterations to the figures stated in the report would help the drug move to the last testing stage in regards to human beings thus promoting its steady launch in the market. In here if Melvina obliges to listen to her superior’s advice in altering the figures pertaining to death of animals in regards to their exposure to the drugs then certainly she would help her company gain a strategic stand in launching the medicine. However, Melvina’s obligation to meet the needs of the company exposes human beings to a greater risk for drugs that happen to be fatal to animals also would render a large amount of harm on humans. Again her obligation to her superior’s words would also happen to invite greater risk to the company for at a later stage the company and she also might fall into serious trouble. Thus the plan of action that can be taken in this case in regards to Melvina is to make her superior understand the emerging risks tied to the sanctioning of the plan through adulterated means. This activity would help in creating awareness of the management body as to the potential risks involved in regards to the drug plan, which would have ev entually triggered dropping the decision taken. The Potent Stakeholders to the Decision The above case reflects that the human beings are being subjected to malicious and wrong information which in turn may prove detrimental to the well being and healthy lives of the community. Thus in the interest of global mankind, Melvina should consider the first right objective of paying heed to her superior when fulfilling the first right would tantamount to depriving the human race and cancer inflicted people of a better and healthy future. The Defining Moment The above analysis reflects that Melvina tends to convey a message where she does not like to meet the demands of her superior in manipulating the figures related to the number of deaths of the animals exposed to the drugs. Through such non-compliance to her superior’s requirement she intends to protect the interests of both the company and the human race in particular. However in regards to the company it tends to convey the mes sage of gaining a way out in whatever fashion possible for letting the drug gain due acceptance in the consumer market of the region. Thus the manager advices Melvina to take resort of adulterated means to change the figures abruptly and thereby help in strategizing the launching process of the drug. Chances and Hard Decisions In here, Melvina can take chances in obliging by her superior’s decisions in rightly adulterating the numbers in the report and thereby taking first chances in inviting health and fatal risks in regards to humanity and secondly in taking hard decisions knowingly. However, Melvina can also take chances in not obliging by the decisions of her superior and thereby creating risks in regards to her position and employment in the company. Again such decision needs to be taken on a hard stand for it would tantamount to non-compliance of her to the needs of her concern. Analysis based on Three Tests The Newspaper Test Here if the decision of the management team of the pharmaceutical company in regards to the passing of the

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