Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Journal 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Journal 3 - Essay Example Instead of telling us what we needed in the bag, the teacher gave us suggestions about what we might need and invited us to come up with ideas for what we would like to pack. After we finished, we discussed why we chose the items we did. I selected this activity because it gives a good example of how my teacher performed more of a helper/ mentor role with us, rather than a strict lecturer role. Due to her encouraging way of doing the lesson , there were fewer arguments than there would have been if she had required all of the students to put a predetermined list of items into the suitcase. The teacher implemented Standard 1. Promoting Child Development and Learning. She also implemented Standard 5. Using Content Knowledge to Build Meaningful Curriculum. I learned that being a helper or a mentor to children can be a smoother and more effective way to assist in the learning process of children. If I were to do this activity with my children, I would discuss with them before we began about what they might place in their suitcases. I would still discuss why the children chose the items that they did at the end of the activity. That really promoted some deeper thinking from the students in my

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