Thursday, December 19, 2019

It Was Five Minutes Past Mid Night - 2013 Words

It was five minutes past mid-night, Jude was sitting on his computer working on an essay that professor Engle assigned for all of his American History classes. Then suddenly, a video message appeared on his laptop. He was shocked to see his girlfriend tied up in a chair and crying with mascara running down her face. A guy with a mask showed up on the screen, and said: â€Å"If you want to see this pretty face again, you have to show me that you are willing to use your time and brain to get her back.† Jude asked why he was doing this, and the guy simply replied, â€Å"You can say I have a sick obsession with kidnapping girls and putting their boyfriends to the test.† The video disappeared in a blink of an eye. Jude was still in shock, not sure of†¦show more content†¦He walked to a computer and accessed the website that was created. His first task was to find a map that indicated where the state of Palestine is located. Luckily, he knew where the maps were locat ed in the FAU library. Jude felt confident that the first task would be easy; he walked toward the maps, located at the back of the library past the reference collection and near the microfilms. There were so many cabinets that had all kinds of maps in them. He remembered that his history teacher might have mentioned that Palestine and the Middle East are connected in a way. He started reading the labels on each cabinet until he came across a cabinet labeled the Middle East, next to two computers that are used to see the information on microfilms. Jude got a little excited because he thought to there was no way he would not find a map with the country Palestine on it. He took out one map at a time and looked at each one carefully, however, he still had no luck finding a map that had Palestine written on it. He continued reading the labels on the cabinet until he saw a cabinet labeled Asia, and started looking at every map in it, but he had no luck. Jude got so frustrated with himsel f; he took a deep breath and started to brainstorm what his next step should be. He thought to himself what can I use in this library that can be helpful, and the first thing that crossed his mind was the government documents. Which were

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